Installation Terms and Conditions:

  • All work to be installed in a completely professional manner
  • The installer is not respsonsible for cutting doors, nor re-hanging doors if removed for carpet installation
  • The installer assumes no responsibilty for the conditions of the customers sub-floors, it is not the installers resposibility for lines showing through the sub-floor through the linoleum, vinyl, tile or carpet
  • The installer assumes no responsibility for any damages to baseboards or moldings during installations
  • Installation must be inspected by the customer upon completion. Any installation complaints should be told to the carpet contractor upon finishing.
  • Installation is guaranteed for one (1) year from installation date unless otherwise agreed upon at time of original installation.
  • Installer is not responsible for hooking and un-hooking appliances, including all water lines.
  • Installers are not responsible for removing toilets when installing materials in bathroom areas.
  • Seams are visible. Seams are to be located at installers discretion, unless otherwise specified in writing by customer at time of installation.
  • Installers are not responsible for taped down or loose layed carpet or vinyl installation, and for all carpet installed outdoors.
  • Installers are not responsible for hauling away old carpet and scraps.
  • Full vinyl guarantee only when installling over new sub-floor unless otherwise stated.
  • No guarantee on walls that are freshly painted (must be painted at least 72 hours prior)
  • Customer must have electric and heat during time of installation. Must be heated to at least 70 degrees. No generator or temporary electric. 

Company Terms and Conditions of Sale:

  • Company assumes no responsibilty for carpet, hardwood and vinyl installation
  • Company is responsible for materials ONLY
  • Company should be told of any shortages or defects of the carpet, hardwood, or vinyl within (48) hours of the sale before cutting or installation, or else merchandise is then deemed to be acceptable.
  • Company takes no responsibility for measurements furnished by customer for the job. All prices indicated on such orders shall be subject to change when shortages occur.
  • Shading, shedding, fluffing, or pile crushing do not constitute manufacturing defects. These are inherent characteristics of all pile fabrics.
  • Missing tufts are NOT a defect. Claims for missing tufts will be entertained only on the basis of reinserting such missing tufts be reburying without charge for labor or material.
  • Unless specified in writing, company cannot guarantee the length of wear or service of all carpet, hardwood, or vinyl.
  • Company does not guarantee nor assume that the carpet ordered will match color samples from manufacturer. The company is not responsible for pattern match where seamed.
  • Full payment of any carpet, hardwood, or vinyl when special ordered (not in inventory) shall be made at the time of sale. All materials in inventory shall be paid upon in FULL before material leaves the store.
  • Company will assist the customer in any claims based upon warranty defects in materials sold.
  • Availability of merchandise is contingent upon strikes, lock outs, fires, accidents, inablity to obtain material, government acts and other causes beyond our control.
  • In the event of a cancellation by the customer, after the material has be cut or prepared for install, the customer agrees to pay. As liquidated damages a sum equal to (25%) of the total purchase price. In the event of a cancellation by the customer, after materials have been special ordered from any carpet mill or supplier, the customer then agrees to pay (35%) of the total purchase price for mill re-stocking and shipping.
  • The terms and conditions of this agreement invoice are the complete agreement of the company and customer and shall not be altered by any oral understanding or agreement. 
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